Business Vision – Do you need new glasses?

new business glasses

Whats your eyesight like?

Sometimes when we have been wearing glasses or contacts for a long time, we don’t notice how bad our eyesight has become, until we get a new prescription. Then we suddenly notice how bad our eyesight was before. We start seeing things more clearly.

This can take some people quite a while, to realise there’s something not quite right, about what they are able to discern.

Is your business vision impaired?

So whats this got to do with your business vision?

Well the ‘vision thing‘ in any business, is one component of successful and effective strategy, leadership and team dynamics, especially when working across department or business boundaries.

The lack of a compelling vision, that can be used practically to engage people into a wider sense of purpose and endeavour, opens up risks of fragmentation and separation.

Working in a ‘void’

The lack of some unifying force or clear picture of the future, means that teams can quickly loose momentum and focus.

Wasteful behaviours like internal politicking, conflicts, power struggles, turf and control issues can also become endemic, without some common, unifying vision.

Checklist for business vision impacts

Try considering these questions in your own business leadership world…

  1. What does your company vision statement do for you, emotionally?
  2. Is it working hard to unite people under a common future that they would love to co-create and be part of?
  3. Do you and others feel inspired by it?
  4. Does it speak to hearts as well as heads?
  5. How relevant and engaging is it to the leadership and followership within your company?
  6. Could you use the vision statement as a starting point to define how your project(s) fit into overall strategic business deliverables?

Or, is it just management speak or mumbo jumbo that pleases shareholders and ticks a MV2 box to show its been done?

Buzzword Bingo

The issue I’m talking to here is not one of cleverness, intellectual prowess, word- smithing or high IQ appeal. Its also not about how many games of ‘buzzword bingo’ you can play whilst reading your vision statement, or listening to your leaders speak.

I’m talking about how your Business Vision can become a highly relevant, living and breathing reflection of the collective hearts and minds, that are actively creating a successful business future, together.

Inspiring personal engagement

Inspiration and engagement are strongly positive emotions, not thinking structures.

Using your head to solve an emotional issue is the wrong tool for the job. (How does that approach work in your close personal relationships?)

Personal engagement also relies on good quality relationships, trust and faith.

A simple reminder I use alot, when engaging and communicating with stakeholder groups is I + P = BI x C

Involvement and Participation have multiplying effects on Buy In and Commitment. Robust employee engagement models must have these things in the mix.

Creating a ‘personally moving’ and ‘compelling’ vision of the future

Here are a few more questions to help you tune into new future possibilities…

• Do you know what inspired personal engagement feels like?

• What does it take to move your people, to engage in something bigger than themselves?

• What would your people be proud to say they are a part of?

• What does it take to move your customers, suppliers and partners?

• If there was no money in the world, why would your project or business still exist?

And finally…

What can you do today, to create a ‘business vision’ that you and your people are happy to feel a part of?

Nick Le Clere is a strategic change consultant and facilitator, executive leadership coach, trainer, innovator and speaker, running online webinars and learning events for conscious business leaders of the future.
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