Workshop Facilitation

Are you organising a team away day or strategic review space, to examine business planning, performance and results delivery for your company or project?

Are you needing to urgently solve some critical business problems and want help handling sensitive/emotional issues and disruptive personalities in the group?

We provide professional and bespoke workshop facilitation, at strategic and tactical levels, specialising in effective multi-disciplinary teamwork, decision making and communications.

We work with you to create and implement clear, engaging and empowering workshop processes, covering mission critical business performance and change agendas, to help you cover the key issues, thoroughly.

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Thought leader insights

“The facilitator’s job is to support everyone to do their best thinking and practice. To do this, the facilitator encourages full participation, promotes mutual understanding, and cultivates shared responsibility.”
(Source: Facilitator’s Guide to Participatory Decision-Making by Sam Kaner, et al) 

“The more present we are as individuals and as organisations, the more choices we create. As awareness increases, we can engage with more possibilities. We are no longer held prisoner by habits, unexamined thoughts, or information we refuse to look at.”
(Source: A Simpler Way by Margaret Wheatley & Myron Kellner-Rogers)

“I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I’m not sure you realise that what you heard is not what I meant.”
(Source: Robert McCluskey)

“By supporting everyone to do their best thinking, a facilitator enables group members to search for inclusive solutions and build sustainable agreements”
(Source: Facilitator’s Guide to Participatory Decision-Making by Sam Kaner, et al)

“The right questions for the right people at the right time are at the heart of healthy group process – a top priority in effective and dynamic facilitation.”
(Source: D. Strachan, Making Questions Work)

“A facilitator is the custodian of the consensus process, a servant-leader whose purpose is to help the group make the best decisions possible.”
(Source: B. Briggs, Bonfire articles from the International Institute for Facilitation and Change)

What the client says…

“Nick Le Clere structured and coordinated a series of workshops with us that sought to define in detail our existing development processes en route to establishing a best practice model for the company in the future. Not only did he do this with ultimate expertise and professionalism but he also brought a light and friendly, but always commanding, touch that created a very open dialogue and exchange of thoughts and ideas to make the entire process flow seamlessly into what was ultimately an excellent conclusion. He was able to get the group to identify and highlight areas of strength and also deficiency, facilitating the reconstruction of a better working model of how projects and ultimately our company could and should operate more effectively. I would unreservedly recommend Nick and I look forward to working with him again in the future.”

Nigel Crockett
Business Development Manager,
Cantab Pharmaceuticals

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