Performance Improvement and Life After Brexit


Performance Improvement and Life After Brexit

Are you still in shock about Brexit, or is it old news now?

Getting on with new ideas and plans, or still stuck in the headlights of disbelief and disarray?

Role models of high performance

As the completely amazing performances of the Great Britain Olympic athletes at Rio demonstrate, Team GB is still a global force to be reckoned with.

Whilst the investment, planning and organising for this level of success has been years in the making (thanks to The National Lottery funding initially set up by Prime Minister John Major in the 1990’s) 67 medals in the Olympics is a well funded victory for the people of Great Britain.

This individual and overall performance, took 1000% commitment, guts and determination to succeed. It took a firm and unshakeable belief in a compelling vision that was held in the heart, as well as the head.

This was all done without any bureaucrat agreement from Brussels or sanctions from MEP’s.

Removing bureaucratic shackles

Perhaps rising above adversity is in our national DNA and perhaps its time to pull ourselves together after the whole, unsavoury Brexit experience. The leadership behaviours on all sides were far from role model exemplars of honesty and authenticity and at times, completely shameful and self serving.

So let’s put all that aside and look for positive opportunities, not obstacles, create new solutions out of apparent difficulties and really show what we are made of.

Wider collaboration without bureaucratic shackles is now entirely possible and the future for our businesses in global market places, is much brighter than we are led to believe by many.

Where is your Olympian spirit?

So what will it take to access and express the Olympian spirit within you?

History and experience shows us that when we unite and come together around problems and adversity, then we have the opportunity to create whole new solutions, on a whole new level.

As Einstein said “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”.

So if you are worried about the implications of Brexit on your business and your European business relationships, then why not lift your thinking to new heights and find new solutions for our continued and collective prosperity.

Lets start making new trading rules ourselves, before being told what to do by others. Lets keep our good friendships in and across Europe and build on some new, more solid and authentic foundation stones, based on win:win:win.

Honouring ourselves

This is perhaps the best way to honour our Olympic athletes in Team GB, by raising our own standards and moving through mental blocks and walls with courage, determination, grace and ease.

What can you do now, following Brexit, to pave the way for your own Gold medals in the next 4 years?

And Finally…

Can you feel the uplift yet?

Nick Le Clere is a strategic change consultant and facilitator, executive leadership coach, trainer, innovator and speaker, running online webinars and learning events for conscious business leaders of the future.
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