Becoming Smarter Than Your Brain

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I was reading a wonderful post from Deepak Chopra a little while ago, basically stating that the mind is an empty construct and has no content embedded in it, apart from what we create ourselves, through our learned beliefs, values and experiences, etc.

It got me excited (emotional) as well as thinking (brain activity) about how many other intelligences we all have available, but often are only dimly aware of. I knew (intuition) that I had to share something myself on this, as my whole body got the tingles (personal resonance signal).

So here’s a run down of the multiple intelligences we all have available internally, and how to get in touch with them, to become much, much smarter than our ‘control freak brains’ would ever have you believe possible… but first some scene setting!

Societal and Educational Conditioning To Be ‘Head Centred’

I never cease to be amazed at how all our educational systems and corporate insanity processes reward head based stuff, e.g.

  • ‘make sure you think it through carefully’
  • ‘map out the steps and stages logically’
  • ‘stick to facts and don’t get so emotional’
  • ‘don’t let your emotions get out of hand’
  • ‘don’t let your heart rule your head!’

Its all out there isn’t it?

We are almost completely conditioned to rely on our brain power above all else and to stray from this path is seen as irrational, dangerous and high risk. Are we all pretending to be a bunch of Mr Spock’s, finding anything vaguely emotional as ‘fascinating’?

Basically, we cant deny our emotional parts for very much longer. Our accelerated evolution depends on us embracing all that we are. So lets open up the ‘can of worms’ and see what many of us have been missing out on…

Heart Centred Intelligence

The Institute of Heart Math in California, have been researching heart coherence since 1991 and can clearly demonstrate many more impulses emitting from the heart centre, outwards, than is produced by the brain.

This instantly makes the brain a secondary organ, from an electromagnetic emissions perspective, and qualifies the heart, as a ‘brain’ in its own right. In fact there are other parts of our bodies that also scientifically qualify as brains as well.

The ability to build coherence and entrain your heart and brain waves, is associated with lower stress, higher creativity and more emotional satisfaction. As the Dalai Lama says ‘an open heart is an open mind’.

So actually letting your heart and positive emotions some room for expression, is much better for you from a health perspective and can help to accelerate self-healing processes.

Gut Centred Intelligence

Science has clearly shown that the gut is also a brain.

Many scientific studies show correlations between gut health, depression and anxiety. It would appear that ‘butterflies in the stomach’ are very real stress and fear indicators.

From an energetic perspective, the gut is linking the power, emotional and security centres. So when we experience fear, uncertainty or doubt, its often in these areas rather than our head.

How we respond to these feeling in our heads however, can act as an amplifier. But usually the original feelings come from the ‘pit of the stomach’ and can induce ‘queasiness’ and ‘nausea’ in some cases.

Its also true that whilst many gut problems can be labelled as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), to give it a technical term, most scientists agree that they don’t know what causes all the different forms of IBS, with any certainty.

If you accept the assumption that physical dis-eases show up because of some systemic and energetic misalignment, then cause and effects start to become clearer.

We can also experience great joy and empowerment coming from this area. When our centre feels lighter and freer. Like we are walking on air and bouncing along.

Head Centred Intelligence

Well this is where a lot of us live isn’t it?

But if we take the above ideas on board, its not the command centre we ‘thought’ it was, literally. There is much more to our whole intelligence than just thinking.

Our brain is an organiser and sensor, that projects itself into the outside world, to find, compare and contrast external situations and scenarios, that match the desired criteria and connect you with them.

Its one of many processing centres that analyse data and create meanings from the information found. How effectively, efficiently and unbiased these processes are, relies on our own mental conditioning and imprinting, during our upbringing and life experiences.

We all have filters that we may or may not be aware of, which govern how we see and process the world around us.


M-Braining is a fabulous set of tools and techniques that enable people to access their head, heart and gut intelligence centres, to gain clarity and insights not available to the brain alone. It was pioneered by Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka and compiled in their book ‘m Braining – using your multiple brains to do cool stuff…’

I had the pleasure of meeting Marvin Oka in Sydney, whilst he was presenting at the 2015 ABNLP annual conference I was attending, and he confirmed that the head, heart and gut, were the first 3 energy centres that could be totally scientifically proven today, to have ‘brain qualifying’ characteristics.

What was even more exciting, was that Marvin confirmed my own work and intuitive knowing, that all our energy centres, are in fact ‘brains’ in their own rights, holding and organising various mission critical information for us, at cellular, physical and energetic levels.

Energy Centres and Multiple Intelligences

So lets take the ideas of head, heart and gut intelligence, another stage forward in our comprehension.

The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav, was published in 1991 and first introduced me to the idea that our physical ailments could be attributed to the closest energy centre to the pain source. The cause of the pain being its associated energetic misalignments and systemic dis-ease. These are basic Chinese medicine and acupuncture healing principles.

As I worked these ideas into my 1:1 leadership coaching practices and built up my energetic understandings by studying and practicing Reiki, I found strong correlations that directly supported this idea.

It also became clear as a trainer and group facilitator, that working with energy systems created profound advantages in spotting limiting patterns, blocks to progress, unspoken problem areas and difficult relationship issues, that when queried, opened up whole new areas of exploration, discovery and resolution.

And so the ability to read energy systems in people and groups, in a ‘high performance delivery’ context, and respond accordingly, was developed.

NLP – Conversations With Parts

Later, as I studied NLP with many leading teachers and authors, the capabilities to hold quite astounding verbal and non-verbal conversations, with internal parts of ourselves, started to really add new context, shape and form.

I started to use the energy centres as a roadmap, to navigate through different self empowerment journeys and dimensions of healing, with clients who were ready, willing and able to explore these metaphysical domains, without preconceptions or limiting beliefs.

When business clients reported physical ailments, almost in passing, I suggested a guided, self examination process, in the context of playing a communications game with those internal parts, to see what messages they were holding in the clients ‘physical inbox’ for them.

The results were startling, as clients began to open up disused or closed down channels of communication to reveal some highly significant insights and solutions – many of which facilitated is a reduction or elimination of physical symptoms.

It was almost as if the physical pain sensations were being used as ‘attention getting systems’ and once the message was delivered, accepted and acknowledged, then the signalling system had done its job and was no longer necessary. The client pains went away. The systemic dis-ease was realigned.

Suffice to say this experiential evidence opened up many new area of interest and application, including Lynne McTaggart’s ‘The Field’ and ‘Intention Experiments’ and Dr Eric Pearl’s ‘Reconnective Healing’ techniques. Harry Massey’s mini-documentary ‘The Living Matrix’ was also highly influential.

Higher Intelligences

Through these profound and powerful connections with multiple intelligence centres, it became clear that a lot of things were happening on levels above our normal consciousness.

Being open to receive these new communication media was a key part of clients abilities to move forward ‘wholistically’ and heal themselves, from symptoms they were often only dimly aware of. Strangely however, the people I was drawn to help were more than ready to open up to these possibilities.

It often became a meeting between themselves ‘in the now’ and a higher version of themselves, that was waiting (patiently or impatiently) to make itself known and express itself.

And so the question ‘who are you becoming?’ in Conversations with God from Neale Donald Walsch, underlines the fact that ‘I’ is a constant work in progress, not a fixed state of being. ‘I’ is an ultimate ‘nominalisation’ in NLP terminology.

We cannot, not grow, but perhaps simply hope to become more aware, of the bigger picture we are a part of, and how to accelerate our personal growth, in harmony with the wider process.

And finally… Try It Out!

This information is the ‘tip of the iceberg’ in terms of whats now understood about our bodies and multiple brains. The convergence of medical science, energetic systems and ancient wisdom, can only be a good thing in the end.

If you want to explore these energy centres and multiple intelligences and find the idea of becoming much smarter than your brain quite appealing and/or exciting, then try this simple exercise and let me know how you get on…

  • Stop what you are doing for a few minutes
  • Close your eyes (when it is safe to do so)
  • Breathe long slow deep breaths and have your brain count them in and out, 1-5, to make sure they are even and relaxed
  • Focus your attention in your heart area and imagine breathing in and out through this space
  • Activate a feeling of love, gratitude and appreciation (LGA) for someone or something in your life
  • Breath in new LGA and breathe out anything less than LGA, through this heart space
  • Allow the LGA feeling to grow with every breath naturally and easily, while the brain counts away in the back ground, quietly and easily
  • When you get to more than 8/10 feeling of LGA in this area, where 10 is full of LGA, ask your higher self for a message and stay relaxed and open to receive and keep breathing deeply
  • You might experience a flashed image, a seemingly random thought, a feeling in some part of your body, a knowing bubbling up from deep inside, a voice you hear talking
  • Notice what comes up for you… its all ok… stay with the response and see where it takes you
  • When it feels right, either open your eyes and return to your normal state of being, or pick another energy centre and do the same again and notice what happens…
  • When finished thank the parts for showing up and playing and thank yourself for taking some time out to explore your higher self a little.
  • Let me know how this experience unfolded for you…

If you want to explore these areas further and in more depth, then book a strategy session with me, on the link below and we can explore more valuable ways forward together.

Whatever happens, please be aware that using these techniques in the business world, is becoming more and more relevant and critical.

As Albert Einstein famously commented “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”.

Have fun and enjoy becoming more than you think!

Nick Le Clere is a strategic change consultant and facilitator, executive leadership coach, trainer, innovator and speaker, running online webinars and learning events for conscious business leaders of the future.
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