Commercial Aerospace – Aircraft Product Change Management

Mapping business processes, reorganising teams, reducing waste and transforming management decision making systems

British Aerospace

What was involved?

Defined the aircraft product change processes and set up a multi-disciplinary change team to run end to end modification control processes, including assessment, management and improvement activities

  • Resulted in massive efficiency and effectiveness savings, as well as significant waste reduction, with many novel improvements linking strategic requirements to tactical implementations…
    • Designed and implemented new prioritisation system for 500+ live modification requests in ‘the system’, with value circa £30M and £12M spend budget pa.
    • Prioritisation system translated strategic product change demands into practical decision making discussions, enabling competing and conflicting change requests to be effectively ranked in a systematic way, with consistent input from all parties.
    • Reduced the inherent organisational conflict and competition of vested interests, generated by the old system of modification proposal assessment and decision making.
  • Huge improvements to the quality of management team decision making for
    • modification go/no go authorisations
    • authorised modifications entering a queueing system, pending annual budget constraints
    • target aircraft set embodiment decisions.
  • New team, business process and system innovations were shared across the British Aerospace plc group
  • New process and team innovations were recognised as ‘International Best Practice for Product Change Management’ by external, US based Configuration Management II Institute.

What the client said…

“The ATP Change Management Team has significantly improved the way we manage and control modifications and changes to our product specifications and customer deliverables, throughout both manufacturing build cycles and in-service modification programmes. It represents a step change in our multi-disciplinary team working approaches and management control systems, enabling better value for money to be delivered, for both ourselves and our customers, within tight development budget constraints.”

Mike Taylor, Head of Project Management (Advanced TurboProp) BAe Regional Aircraft

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