Learning Technology – Creating a New Genre Performance Support Coaching System

Creating next generation performance support coaching systems that directly impacts emotional performance processes, which govern results delivery, engagement and empowerment.


Performance support coaching system Rene Carayol

What was involved?

Creating a new paradigm and genre of learning technology and Performance Support Coaching Systems (PSCS).

  • Winning the e-learning age ‘Most Innovative Application of Learning Technology’ Award and gaining international recognition at the 2007 E-learning Awards, with the My Performance Coach product and initial BT ‘Proof of Concept’ case study.
  • Developing the Performance Support Coaching System (PSCS) lead product, My Performance Coach, including design and production of 50+hrs of high quality re-useable learning content, around key themes of Performance, Change, Well Being and Leadership.
  • Incorporating and further developing the Joseph Campbell ‘Hero’s Journey’ metaphor work, providing a repeatable learning journey for users, to add ‘lifetime value’ to the many benefits of using the My Performance Coach product.
  • Creating radically new experiential design methodologies and content design parameters, for intellectual and emotional shifts using computer systems, for greater employee engagement with business change agendas.
    • Design and co-production of 20 interactive tools and techniques with original audio visual ‘how to use’ introductions,
    • 50×2 minute videos of personally conducted interviews with internationally recognised experts across the relevant themes,
    • Design of original scripting and co-production of 25 visualisations/mental rehearsals to support personal empowerment of users.
    • Instructional support provided by animations with voiceovers.

Leading product development with a multi company, international project team of 25 designers, graphic artists, software programmers.

  • Running content development, technical and product strategy discussions with potential partners.
  • Engaging high profile subject matter experts to be involved in video interviews and new product developments, for their own customer bases.

Designing full branding, web site presence and marketing to educate and position PSCS in the marketplace and enable client understanding of this new learning platform and paradigm shift technology solution.

Opening up commercial dialogues with international thought leaders and leading market partner companies to share IP and collaborate with new learning technology solutions and performance improvement enablers, e.g. IBM, Accenture, Skills for Health – NHS, Penna, CSC, BP, QAIQ, Noble Manhattan, The Princes Trust, BAE Systems, TATA Interactive Systems, Shirlaws, Barratt Values Centre, Performance Consultants International and others.

Personally raising £1.25M of Angel Investor funding over a 5 year period.

Creating radical eco-business models with shared ownership options, offered to content providers and subject matter expert contributors, to reinforce long term, high quality working relationships and communities of businesses, across normal trading boundaries. Way ahead of its time.

What the innovation award independent judges said…

“Making Change Happen has set out to make learning technology that helps people change, by making them feel resourceful and getting them engaged in change.”

“A variety of approaches are built into the application giving it flexibility. It is very practical and personal. The use of multiple media to change moods, increasing optimism, is truly innovative, giving a very positive user experience.”

“This is a well thought out and well implemented application of appropriate learning technology, in a learning area where little use has been made of technology to date.”

What My Performance Coach industry advocates said…

“We take coaching very seriously and believe it can make a marked difference to performance. However, costs mean we limit the deployment of coaching. We are hoping that the MPC pilot will prove a success and enable us to make coaching more widely available”

Tim Springham, Senior Direct, BT Wholesale Networks, BT plc

“A training needs analysis was aligned with the MPC correlating features and content, to guide the participants to resources that would add the most immediate value”

Jean Seers, Development Project Leader, BT Wholesale Networks, BT plc

“MPC represents a quite unique approach in the eld of management coaching and I believe it has the potential to be the market leader.”

Rene Carayol MBE, International Author, Broadcaster & Business Speaker

“MPC provides a structure that allows individuals to work out how they can convert more of their potential. Organisations that seek to enable their employees to take on the development of courageous behaviours in the delivery of challenging objectives will benefit from this product. Increasingly uncertain worlds require employees who can harness more from ambiguity than ever before, courage is a commodity few companies see enough of.”

Tony Douglas, previously Managing Director BAA, now Chief Executive Officer for Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) – UK Gov

“I particularly like the way that the comprehensive toolkit for improving an individual’s performance can be tailored to suit different cultures, settings and variety of learning. It would appear to be a very helpful means of assisting learners to develop themselves and raise their aspirations and performance that would complement and reinforce (training) courses.”

Phil Hope, previously MP Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Skills – UK Gov currently co-director for Improving Care

“I have been very impressed by the interactive development tool My Performance Coach®. It is a unique framework in which, in my opinion, will offer managers and individuals the ability to develop and refresh essential skills for both today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.”

Jonathan Neale, Director of McLaren Technology Group

What BT Wholesale My Performance Coach Users said…

MPC has significantly helped me to identify the emotional states which have often undermined my performance. From recognition I have been able to apply suggested techniques to change my perception and improve my effectiveness.”

“I spent a few minutes on the 2 minute time outs before a very stressful meeting – i felt it really helped me go into the meeting with the right mindset. The meeting was very successful.”

“The facing your challenges visualisation relaxed me and took away the days stress, and then went on to make me feel more empowered and able to deal with forthcoming challenges in a more positive way.”

“I really like the combinations of tools and techniques brought together in one easily accessible place.”

“Listening to some of the experts on topics surrounding Change has really challenged me to explore the topic.”

“Slick, professional and easy to use.”

“The multi-sensory format helps to keep you interested and involved.”

“MPC has given me a greater confidence in my communication with senior management and key stakeholders.”

“Jam-packed with models, ideas, ‘expert’ video clips and a multitude of tools and techniques.”

Helps me relax and not panic when things might not be going right – helps me to remain calm, focussed and motivated to put things right.”

“Excellent emphasis on human performance in project delivery.”

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