Hilton Group Supply Management and eProcurement Strategy

Redesigning systems and processes to reduce cost and improve effectiveness


What was involved?

  • Designing and facilitating Hilton Purchasing and Supply Strategy workshops, with senior members of the Hilton Group Purchasing team…
  • Redefining the principles of purchasing in the hospitality and leisure industry.
  • Introducing radical yet proven strategies developed to improve the working relationships between customers and suppliers, whilst reducing costs and improving quality of products and services.
  • Gaining buy in from established purchasing team members, to fresh new ideas and developing confidence to take a stand in the face of company resistance .
    Designing and facilitating a series of intensive workshops to define an eprocurement systems requirements definition, to be implemented across the Hilton Group…
  • Mapping, modelling and agreeing Key Business Processes, with specific systems criteria identified for clarity of system/process functionality requirements.
  • Identifying key enablers and barriers with associated corrective actions assigned.
  • Team presentation of the full e-procurement proposal to Hilton Group plc Board including cost/benefit case and implementation milestone plan.
  • Introducing Thinking Styles profiling tool to the Purchasing team and providing personal feedback on personal thinking styles, behaviours and performance challenges, within the team and across departments…
  • Significant improvements in personal performance and confidence levels across the team, with higher quality relationships developed and trouble spots overcome.
  • Developing a Cost Reduction Workbook approach, for targeted hotel performance improvement…
  • Producing a user friendly workbook, written in plain, jargon free language
  • Defining an agreed Performance improvement process with associated tools and techniques aligned in useful ways for target users
  • Successful hotel trials, with process adopted on a systematic hotel-by-hotel basis
  • Designing and facilitating a Living Well Systems Strategy workshop, with the Head of IT, to determine company System Development imperatives, including…
  • Designing workshop processes and handouts for individual working sessions and Identifying key issues and strategic imperatives for IT department evolution

What the client said…

“Nick has been instrumental in developing strategies for Purchasing in our company that underpin the achievement of overall goals, as the company evolves. He has provided a key support role to our business and has pioneered with us, rewriting the Purchasing rulebook for the leisure and hospitality industry in the UK.”

Graeme Grieve, VP Commercial & Procurement, Hilton Hotels Group

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