Commercial Aerospace Multi-company Joint Venture Formation

Exploring, negotiating, creating and agreeing new JV models and frameworks for commercial aerospace marketplace repositioning

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What was involved?

Explored, negotiated and co-developed new trading agreements and working protocols, working in multi-company, cross cultural working groups, in support of the formation of a Toulouse (France) based joint venture company AI-R

  • AI-R was proposed to run combined commercial aircraft sales and marketing for Aerospatiale, Alenia, British Aerospace (Avro and Jetstream) and Finmeccanica.
  • Effectively navigated cultural differences between 5 national and cultural interests and identities.
  • Visioned and captured practical interactions between key stakeholders at critical manufacturing and sales/marketing way points.
  • Created strategic intent agreements, joint working proposals and milestone plans for BAe Group senior level approval.
  • Merger request was later rejected by EU Commission.

What Nick said…

“A good example of where international politics outweigh collective business benefits and substantial commercial aerospace industry transformations”.

Nick Le Clere, Process Improvement Manager, Avro International Aerospace

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