Business Transformation Consulting – Conscious Leader and Sustainable Business Change Programmes

Designing a range of powerful, holistic and high impact business transformation interventions, to effect radical change across large multinational corporations.



What was involved?

Building on the innovation award winning success of Making Change Happen Ltd with first product My Performance Coach on DVD, piloted with BT Wholesale (see separate case study).

Creating ‘sustainable business’ research questionnaires and collating responses from a selection of experienced business owners and leaders, in order to design and formulate ‘The 12 Laws of Sustainable Change’.

  • Model used as structure for Conscious Business and Sustainable Leadership programme design work for the start up company and its ‘Transform’ range of products and services.

Selecting and running various product design teams to develop a holistic range of transformational interventions for large corporate client workforces, including…

  • Transform Strategic Alignment (Conscious and Sustainable Business facilitated workshop explorations)
  • Transform Maturity Matrix (Company change assessment and evaluation model – similar to the EFQM Business Excellence Model format)
  • Transform Leadership Programme (Conscious Leadership – executive level training and facilitated workshops) Transform Coaching Programme (Senior management 1:1 support and focus sessions to overcome internal blocks and accelerate progress)
  • Transform Performance System (Performance Support Coaching Systems solution for whole organisation employee engagement)
  • Transform Academy Club (Online and seminar/event driven peer group learning, across company and industry boundaries, sharing best practices)
  • Transform Momentum Workshops (Ongoing programme of workshop events to sustain change impetus and inspiration at practical working levels across client organisations)

Continuing the functional development of the Performance Support Coaching Systems (PSCS) platform software, using Upside Learning in India

  • Developing licensing and DIY customisation options for large corporate clients, in support of their own internal change programmes, with features including…
    • Multi-level admin functions for Users, Licensed Users and Super Users
    • On Premise and On Demand system hosting choices
    • Online product development and design tools
    • Change Management System for effective handling of content assets
    • User licensing management and control systems
    • User management and 2-way communication updates
    • Client hosting of multiple support products for their different change initiatives and training programme ROI
    • User feedback and usage data collection
    • Communications and messaging systems to announce new content, etc.
    • …and many other novel features.

Despite on-going efforts to engage leading market partners, influential collaborators and clients, the ‘risk averse’, ‘not my decision’ and ‘not invented here’ aspects of radical change implementation and strategic alignment proved difficult to overcome, in the timescales available.

An air of unfinished business remains…

Product design leadership, aligned with high leverage market partnering and subject matter expert collaborations, for rapid growth.

Building up a portfolio of 38 new product development projects (new e-coaching systems) with prominent market leaders and expert content collaborations, applying our innovative impact design methodologies and using the PSCS Platform technology to host their existing and repurposed content, including…

  • Accenture (Business Change Coaching and Performance Support)
  • Barrett Values Centre (My Conscious Leadership Coach)
  • Huthwaites/Alumnor/JA Consulting (My Sales Coach)
  • Inside Out Retreats (Intuition Development Coaching) Don Beck (Spiral Dynamics/Integral Coaching)
  • Sir John Whitmore (Personal Performance Coaching)
  • HeartMath Institute (Heart Coherence Coaching)
  • Lynne McTaggart (Alternative Healing Coaching / My Intention Coach)
  • Pauline Crawford (Gender Dynamics Coaching)
  • NHS Skills for Health (My NHS Management Coach)
  • Dr Joe Dispenza (My Addiction Recovery Coach)
  • McKenzie Cerri (My Healthy Eating Coach – for recovering anorexia survivors)
  • Noble Manhattan (My Coaching Coach – coaching techniques alongside business growth strategies)
  • Shirlaws Coaching (My Performance Coach)
  • Navitas/Colliers International (Business Accelerator System)
  • Vantage Insurance (My Performance Coach)
  • Roger Hamilton (Wealth Dynamics Coaching)
  • Christopher Howard (Personal Breakthrough Coaching)
  • Penna (My Career Change Coach)
  • Financial advisors (My IFA Coach)
  • Financial advisors clients (My Lifestyle Coach)
  • The Coaching Academy (My Coaching Coach)
  • Association of Project Managers (My Projects Coach)
  • QA (My Prince2 Coach)
  • Institute of Directors (My Directors Coach)
  • (HR Directors) My Talent Coach
  • Relate (My Relationship Coach)
  • Sir John Whitmore (My Smart Driving Coach)
  • Eckhart Tolle and others (My Evolution Coach)
  • Northampton University (My Study Coach)
  • Higher Education Academy (My Higher Education Coach)
  • Mike Harris (My Innovation Coach)
  • Quality 50 (My Waste Reduction Coach)
  • Sports Council (My Sports Coach – various)
  • EFQM/Baldridge (My Business Excellence Coach)
  • Princes Trust (My Young Business Coach)
  • Scouting Association (My Scouting Coach)
  • Business Link/Federation of Small Business  (My SME Coach)
  • Kabbalah Centre, Buddhist Centre, etc. (My Spirituality Coach)
  • and others…

Delivering inspiring and engaging customer, partner and investor presentations, providing direct sales support to both sales and commercial collaboration discussions with all potential customers, market partners and new investors

  • Raising £300k of new funding in 1st round.

Creation of high quality company, product and service marketing collateral, presentations, brochures and White Papers.

What Nick said…

“After amassing huge learning experiences and having to change management teams 3 times in 7 years, in order to access the right strategic minded and commercially astute team players, the final company formation ignominiously ran out of money, prior to a crucial funding round. This has been life changing learning, after full personal commitment of heart, soul and inspiration.”

Nick Le Clere, Chief Services and Solutions Officer, Change the World Corporation.

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