Commercial Aerospace Division –  Financial Turnaround and BPR

-£50M loss pa to Break Even, in under 2 years


What was involved?

Led a working group to design and facilitate a Business Plan Improvement Programme (BPIP) in conjunction with new CEO and existing Directors and Executive population

  • Identified key themes for breakeven and set up facilitated working groups for each theme led by an Executive Champion
  • Provided personal 1:1 coaching support to each Executive Champion
  • Designed and facilitated various executive leadership events, workshops and strategic review days
  • Supported Executive Champions and their delivery teams to plan, organise and practically deliver on stretch targets
  • Facilitated strategic review sessions on results delivery, learning capture and revision of performance delivery approaches used.
  • Prevented the impending and threatened closure of regional aircraft factory sites, at that time, given financial downturns and changes in commercial aerospace marketplace
  • Implemented bottom line savings of £50M pa, enabling the Commercial Aircraft Division (5,000 employees) to reach break even point, in under 2 years.

Facilitated specially selected multi-disciplinary teams, including directors and executive team members, to create new business process models for the whole business…

  • Business process models used to identify critical disciplines at key process stages.
  • Process improvement teams set up to change working practices, solve performance problems, implement improvements and leadership behaviour change requirements.
  • New project and matrix based organisation redesigns were created and implemented.
  • A ‘process based organisation’ structure, with new reporting lines and operating protocols was implemented, creating significant performance improvements.
  • Major culture change shifts achieved in management processes and leadership styles across the Division.

What the client said…

“In moving from a functional to a process based organisation, key activities were defined, accountabilities clarified, core processes mapped and boundaries defined. Nick’s contribution to this process and to facilitating devolution into newly defined Business Process Groups was invaluable.”

Mike Donovan, CEO – Avro International Aerospace Division, BAE Systems

“During the time Nick worked with me I was pleased by his proactivity at generating ideas and persuading others when appropriate. He was able to surface disagreement in a diplomatic manner, which avoided conflict but enabled problems to be tackled. Nick has a good sense of humour and whilst working on some difficult issues, with some difficult (and sometime abrasive) people, he retained his professionalism and seemed to know when to bring some light heartedness to the environment.”

Peter Duffy, Group HR Director – Avro International Aerospace Division, BAE Systems

“Rarely do you come across an organisation that is capable of articulating the essence of what makes businesses successful. Nick is skilled not only in the articulation, but also in the practical implementation of change management, leading to better businesses.”

Andy Flower, Organisational Effectiveness Manager – Avro International Aerospace Division, BAE Systems

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