Aerospace and Defence – Project Management Core Competence and Capability Upgrade

Collaborating, designing and delivering high impact training and facilitated workshop solutions, to engage workforce and enable strategic goal delivery.


What was involved?

  • Designing, co-developing (with Airbus Project Management Development Team and WMG) and delivering…
  • Dynamic and highly engaging Project Establishment, Environment and Leadership 4 day learning module.
  • Learning Application Review day, running 3 months after module completion, for participant ROI capture.
  • Participants included Airbus Programme Leaders, Project Leaders and future Team Leaders and subsequently multi-company Project Managers.
  • Based on outstanding client/participant feedback, the initial 10 module/ 1 year programme, was extended to 80+ modules over 8 years and participants expanded to include Airbus overseas partners, 1st tier supplier companies and BAE Systems teams.
  • Personally delivered the ‘Project Management in Airbus’ training programme with Learning Application Reviews, to over 1000 project based participants
  • Reported cost savings in excess of £100M post programme.
  • Successful delivery of shorter Project Management modules and programmes in UK and Saudi Arabia for Airbus and BAE Systems, including Airbus UK Board of Directors role play exercises, to bring direct learning experiences to the top team.Both strategic and tactical support through workshop facilitation, involving the centralised Project Management Development Team and Project Management Champions across the organisation, to research, design and implement effectively aligned Project Life Cycle Management methodologies, across the Airbus company.
  • Improving the effective use of limited company resources
  • Improving the control mechanisms and risk management processes governing Airbus project and programme management
  • Achieving shifts in company culture and consistent integration of core project management competencies across the organisation, internationally.

What the client said…

“Having working with Nick on several management development programmes, involving the upgrade of core project management competencies and leadership capabilities across Airbus UK and BAESystems, I can thoroughly recommend his insightfulness, visioning and enthusiasm. During this significant programme of activity stretching over 3-4 years, Nick was able to consistently deliver exceptionally high value training outcomes to over 1000 active Programme Leaders, Project Managers and future Project Leaders, both in the UK and internationally, as well as provide extremely helpful advice and facilitation with design, planning and implementation support, across the group of companies. Nick played important roles as trusted advisor, change facilitator and performance delivery coach to highly influential sponsors, champions and leaders, at all levels of the company and he continues to be well respected by those involved.”

Tony Eve, Project Management Core Competence Programme Leader –
Airbus Consortium

“Nick brings a wealth of proven experience to the project management and leadership courses run for our industry clients and enables participants to explore the areas of learning effectively, with a real focus on workspace implementation of better practices for improved results.”

Tim Bridgman, Programme Director, Warwick Manufacturing Group,
Warwick University

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