Commercial Aerospace – £40M Aircraft Customisation project

Leading the implementation of best practice Goal Directed Project Management (GDPM) principles in complex, high tech environments

Britsh Airways Cas Study

What was involved?

Led a hand picked multi-disciplinary project team, working as a pilot for Goal Directed Project Management (GDPM) company wide implementation.

  • British Airways Advanced Turbo Prop (ATP) aircraft customisation project, valued at circa £50M.
  • All 5 aircraft delivered to programme, for first time in the 40 aircraft set programme history (previously, all aircraft were weeks late to customer delivery deadlines).
  • ‘Observance of Manufacture’ initiative brought Customers closer to the build process, enabling better quality information transfer of real requirements.
  • Quantum changes in team based cooperation, clarity of plans, roles, accountabilities, essential communications and set a clear framework for empowering self managing teams
  • This GDPM project team performance avoided highly significant late customer delivery charges usually incurred (typically £100,000+).
  • Led ‘project team learning transfer’ processes, enabling later customisation teams to adopt GDPM best practices, subsequently hitting original customer delivery dates, as standard.
  • This pioneering GDPM implementation was used as a best practice innovation case study, in The Sunday Times Business Innovation video series and achieved international recognition.

Subsequently, following the British Airways Customisation Team success…

  • Led a pioneering team of internal change agent/facilitators (a UK first) to support widespread implementation of Goal Directed Project Management methodologies, in support of the Simultaneous Engineering (SE) change programme implementation
  • Facilitation team goals included:-
    • project team start up and mobilisation support services for more effective team working processes, project team performance improvement
    • applying the GDPM principles at project team working level
    • reporting key issues and learnings to SE Steering Group senior management sponsorship team
    • dealing directly with consequences of poor project team and individual team member performance and any failures to adopt the new working practices
    • dealing directly with change sabotage and blocking attempts across the organisation – previous highly functional in nature and outlook NLC Innovation Case Studies Reformat for TOB – May16 – v3.0
    • implementation of Simultaneous Engineering change programme objectives and GDPM principles, across the BAe Commercial Aircraft Division.
  • Set up and led a company wide ‘Learn Share Forum’ across British Aerospace plc Divisions, to share performance and change best practices and develop ‘Knowledge Management’ processes for the BAe Group (44,000 employees).

What the client said…

“Implementing Goal Directed Project Management as part of our Simultaneous Engineering programme, has delivered major benefits, not just for the Engineering Department, but for our company as a whole. It has significantly impacted our ability to improve multi-disciplinary teamwork and has radically improved our Customer contract delivery performance.

The British Airways ATP Customisation Team has made radical changes, both in cultural and performance terms, and has set a new standard for all future aircraft Customisation teams to work to. Wider adoption of GDPM across all the companies projects, will enable many more major improvements to be made.”

Tim Scott Wilson, Group Engineering Director, BAe Commercial Aircraft

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