Are You Running Out of Fuel?

pit crew in action

The racing car that runs out of fuel, does not go very fast and does not finish the race.

Ask a sprinter to run and marathon and see what happens.

Features of High Performance (for Humans in Business)

Being able to sustain prolonged bursts of high performance required a lot of support and energy.

The sporting world is testimony to this obvious truth.

In our typically high challenge, low support business working environments, there is no surprise that stress, anxiety, conflict and other dysfunctions are so rampant.

Leaders are expected to deliver so much as inspiring visionaries, coaches, supporters, and clear communicators, to enable full participation and commitment of their people and teams.

But who supports the supporters?

Situation ‘Normal’ – Comes with the Job – Who Cares?

Who really cares about looking after their staff and people?

There’s often a lot of lip service and false impressions on the surface gloss and prestige brands.

Some companies have risen to this ethical and human challenge and created amazing support systems and services for themselves and their staff.

Whilst other companies, who outwardly appear to provide support, in the form of say, 24 international food and drinks menus available, on demand, actually run an uncompromising culture of continuous high performance, at almost any cost.

Having 24 hour restaurant services subtly encourages people to think that working long hours comes with the job, and considered normal. But who want to do this and live like this apart from adrenaline junkies and dysfunctional, achievement driven, career hungry, power addicts.

It this what success actually means? Really?

Under the surface in these organisations, are often incredibly high levels of employee stress, broken personal relationships, shattered family lives and even self harming.

The ‘use and throw away’ consumerism model, does not convert well or look pretty, when applied to human beings.

Cultural Insanity

So what compels us to sacrifice our health, well being and balanced state of being, in pursuit of continuous high performance?

Whose expectations are we running?
Our own be perfect drivers? or be strong drivers?
Being in control needs?
Financial success at all costs?
Or do we process this as ‘wanting to do the job right…?” Fear of getting it wrong?

When we step back for a moment and consider the millions of business hamsters, continuously running on wheels, all around the world, it becomes clear to a growing number of people, how insane our working culture model has become.

Chasing money, fame, power at any cost?
And when people finally get ‘there’ – will it bring them happiness? Really?

Evidence shows that all of these amazing things dont bring happiness or inner peace. The restlessness that develops on the journey, continues once the destination is reached.

And so the wheel spins again, looking for the next illusional outcome of “when I get to XYZ, then I can be happy”.

Its not about destinations, its about the qualities of the journey. If you are running out of fuel, then you have missed the journey itself, in striving for a destination.

What can you do for you?

Ultimately there is only 1 person responsible for you. Thats right. You.

Sustaining high performance means managing your delivery time and down time, with similar priorities.

So how can you set up your own personal support systems, to help you rejuvenate, recharge and reenergise your whole being, ready for the next controlled burst and release of clearly directed energy?

How can we build a new habit and activate an inside out process of choosing inner balance over dysfunction and basically serotonin over adrenaline?

Feel STRONGER In Yourself

Here is a simple way of remembering to love and appreciate yourself, regardless of outside world demands and expectations…

When you begin to notice performance fade, high stress, or energy deterioration…

Stop and breath
Take time out and step back to see the bigger picture
Review the situation
Organise things differently
New ways emerge
Give priority to changes
Energise yourself in some healthy way
Re-engage with a fresh perspective

And finally…

What kind of support team do you need in your life, to enable you to reach your full potential?

Who’s in your ‘Pit Crew’?

Nick Le Clere is a strategic change consultant and facilitator, executive leadership coach, trainer, innovator and speaker, running online webinars and learning events for conscious business leaders of the future.

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